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claim2jrockers's Journal

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1.You can only claim 1 or 2 Jrockers.

2.Your jrocker can be male or female and can also be from any genre(pop,trance.etc) not just a jrocker,just as long as they are Japanese SINGERS/MUSICIANS of any kind.

3.To claim Your musician first check the claim list to see who has already been taken,second post a new entry on the comm saying which musician you want and from what band plus adding a pic UNDER THE LJ CUT

4.You can post Graphics or Fanfics of the singers that you Adopted on this comm(AS LONG AS IT IS THE ONES YOU ADOPTED)

5.If you help out with the layout then you are allowed an extra musician(but only if you are a great help or ur layout goes on the comm)

6.Also if you want you can put a banner on your user info saying who u claimed giving a link to this comm.

7.Respect others,if the singer you want has already been taken,well it is just too bad.Trying thinking of another that you want to claim.

8.Be an ACTIVE member and post your graphics on this comm,if you claimed a certain singer SHOW that you really wanted them by doing graphics(avatars,wallpapers,brushes) OR you can put any downloads,like clips pvs or music of your singer,to show him/her off.(Graphics and such under an LJ cut pls)

9.Avatar teasers or a really small pic is allowed to not be under an lj cut.

10.You can say that you claimed the Singer when You have gotten a clearance to say so from the moderator(which is rikki_rose_trax).
11.Enjoy the comm!^^